Foiled Wedding Stationery Artwork

The ideal way to supply the artwork for your wedding stationery is as a hi-res PDF. If your design is just being producing with letterpress foil blocking, the design should be set up as a solid black. If the design runs to the edges, 3mm ‘bleed’ should be added. This is easy to do within the design program InDesign, but not possible in Microsoft Word.

We tend to find that a lot of the artwork/design for wedding stationery we produce is produced professionally by a fried of the bride or groom-to-be. If you don’t have someone that can prepare the artwork for you, we offer a full design service, which is charged on a per-item basis and can be added to your online purchase.


Printed Wedding Stationery Artwork

Again, the best way to send us your design is as a hi-res PDF, remembering to set the colour profile as CMYK (not RGB). Printed designs tend to run to the edges more often than not, so it’s important that a 3mm ‘bleed’ is added to avoid any unsightly slithers of white (or card colour) showing after the trimming process. We offer a range of wedding stationery items which are just printed, which can be found within our ‘Bespoke on a Budget‘ category.


Foiled and Printed Wedding Stationery Artwork

If you are utilising both foil blocking and printing for your beautiful wedding stationery, you should set up the artwork as described above or the printed element. Then set up the foiling elements either as a separate file or page as solid black, or as a separate layer within the file set up using a solid Pantone colour. A colour like bright pink works well to indicate the foil blocked elements.


We will always offer honest advice when we are producing your wedding stationery for you. We know it’s the most important day of your lives and creating beautiful wedding invitations, save the date cards, etc sets the tone for the rest of your wedding.